Lentil Burritos

Today we are heading out for Supper, but I thought that I would make a batch of Lentil Burritos so Philippe could have something easy that he could pull out of the freezer if he does not have time to make his lunch.. So here is how I made them..

~Lentil Burritos 

1c dry lentils
2c water
1 can of 14.5oz of tomatoes (I used salt free, because that is what I had, but you could use the chili or tex mex ones)
2tsp garlic powder (I am out of garlic, so you could use fresh.. I would have had if I had some)
2tbsp chili powder
1tbsp cummin
salt and pepper to taste
1tsp hot sauce
1c shredded chedder
1/2 green pepper chopped small
6 button mushrooms chopped small
9 medium whole wheat wraps

~ In a medium sauce pan add the lentils, water, tomatoes, hot sauce and the spices.. Bring to a boil.. Once at a boil reduce heat to medium heat and simmer for 20 min or so until the lentils are tender.. While the lentils are cooking up chop you added veg and saute in a pan until soft.. Great your cheese and set aside.. When the lentils are tender add the mushrooms, green pepper and cheese.. Mix it up very well.. Wet a paper towel and place the wraps on a plate.. Cover with the paper towel and heat in the microwave for about 30 seconds.. This will make the wraps easier to fold.. Lay out a wrap and scoop 1/3c of the lentil mixture.. Fold in the sides and wrap them up.. To freeze I wrapped them in plastic wrap and tinfoil to keep them together.. You could have these with Supper with refried beans and rice or as lunch with a salad.. Enjoy 🙂


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